Comparing Master’s Degree Programs

When you want to get as much information as possible about a college or university, what do you do? Stalk a student, sneak into the institute at night, or just blindly guess what’s going on? No! You do your research and you keep these guidelines and tips in mind so that you always know how to spot a winner.

Qualifications and Timelines

It is definitely important to first take a look at what it takes to get accepted into a given college or university. This is especially crucial because different schools have varying requirements and prerequisites. For instance, some institutes want prospective students to complete certain exams, while other schools don’t look too closely at these test results. You may or may not have to write an essay, a personal statement, or provide academic references. It all depends on the type of school it is and what their degree and program requirements entail. Be prepared and know that having all of the necessary documents and applicant information could take some time, so it is never too early to get started! Our RU Online portal is full of pertinent information that can help you out.

Content and Consideration

When you are narrowing down

The Importance of Using Bike Lights

The Importance of Using Bike LightsBenefits of Using Bike Lights

It may seem obvious but there is a dual benefit in cyclists using bike lights in dim/dark conditions. They are used to not only to increase the rider’s visibility, but also to help others to see the rider. Lights are an extremely important piece of equipment as statistics suggest a car-bike collision rate is several times higher at night than during daylight. What is more startling is that these collisions are largely down to the inadequacy of the cyclist’s equipment which can be easily prevented. Using the proper equipment makes cyclists visible to other road users and can make cycling at night much safer than this statistic suggests. The most common setup for bike lights are white lights at the front of the bike, red lights at the back, and orange reflectors on the side, but be sure to check the legal requirements of your jurisdiction as there are different rules on what is required.

Legal Requirements

Looking specifically at the UK, the regulations governing bicycle lights are set out in the Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989

Mountain Biking Trails Bring Me That Horizon

Mountain Biking Trails Bring Me That HorizonThat little itchy feeling when you cruise on your good old cycling road around your block. Like one hundred and second time? Isn’t it? If your answer is “yes” then it is time to talk about mountain biking trails.

Where do you want to go today?

Your bicycle is a mechanical invention letting you to enjoy various cycling types and methods. If it sounds a bit strange, take a look at two different cycling machines – road bike and mountain bike. They are created for quite different roads.

Since this article is about mountain biking trails, I suggest we try to characterize each of them.

Forget your biking road around the block and begin with…

Cross country trails (XC trails) are probably the broadest type of trails. Like the name suggests, your path brings you through forests, plains, hills and… everything else you can imagine when you leave urbanized areas. Most likely you will be peddling on a single track.
That means no intense traffic and more nature for you.

If this seems too easy and too relaxed

Finding the Best Bike Rack For Your Vehicle

Finding the Best Bike Rack For Your VehicleFinding the Best Bike Rack For your Vehicle: What to Look For

Are you looking for an easier way to carry your bikes? In the past ten years, manufacturers in the industry have taken significant leaps in improving bike rack design; they are also constantly pursuing more efficient, visually appealing styles in a desire to produce.

The best bike rack, as you will find, will incorporate both refined security features and an innovative design. Taking a close look at the available styles and specifications available in today’s bike racks can quickly lead you, by process of elimination, to the rack that achieves the greatest balance between security and style. You’ll also find racks that accommodate certain environments better than others.

Such considerations will become fairly obvious, of course, as you become more aware of the rack-types available, then making a simple common-sense decision. With a little bit of solid research, a clear winner will surely begin to emerge. What you’ll be left with will be a great bike rack that will satisfy your demands for aesthetics.

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A Guide to Mountain Bike Apparels

A Guide to Mountain Bike ApparelsIn order to start mountain biking you need to prepare yourself adequately. You will have to arrange for several things, including the right clothing, protection accessories, biking tools, frames, as well as the bike. The product range available for all these items are so vast that it may leave you confused about the items you should buy. Therefore, you must have a clear idea of what exactly you are looking for. To begin with, you should decide whether you will be going for extreme biking or you will simply use your bike to leisurely hover around the area of your choice. If you are completely new to the sport of mountain biking, then selecting a bike that is durable and well-suspended will favor your riding style.

Clothes suited for mountain biking differs significantly from the type of clothes required for leisure cycling. Although some items like helmets are common across different riding styles, but many other apparels used in cycling and mountain biking are quite different. You should choose your apparels considering your safety as mountain biking involves several obstacles such as rocks, trees,

Selecting A Bicycle Tube For Mountain Biking

Selecting A Bicycle Tube For Mountain BikingA good mountain bike tube can make the difference between a very short ride and a long one. So how do you find the right tube and where do you buy it?

As surprising as it may be there are a lot of different kinds of bicycle tubes. From different sizes to different types of adapters, there are tons of options.

Determine Your Tire Size

The first step in choosing the correct tube is determining the size of your mountain bikes tire. Bicycle tires list the size of the wheel in this format, (26×2.25). These numbers tell us the diameter of the wheel (26 inches) and the width of the tire (2.25 inches). For determining a tube size we only need the diameter, in this example that is the 26 inches.

Once you have determined your tire size it’s time to go shopping for your tube. You can purchase a bicycle tube at most athletic or department stores. Places like Wal-Mart, Target, Academy Sports & Outdoors or Dick’s Sporting Goods are a good spot to start. If you have a

You Are Only One 100 Mile Bike Ride Away From Your Idea Body Weight

You Are Only One 100 Mile Bike Ride Away From Your Idea Body WeightOkay so, the title of this article is rather clear isn’t it? And so, let me ask you something. You do own a mountain bike right? And you are an American right? So, you are 15-20 lbs. over your ideal body weight right? Well you know, if you were to go on an off-road 100-mile bike ride, I bet by the time you finished you would have trimmed off at least that much. Now then, let me ask you something; what are you doing this weekend?

Well, it’s amazing how quickly you can lose 15 pounds if you have a mountain bike. But if you’d like to lose it all in one weekend, the best thing you can do is go out for 100-mile bike ride, and follow it up the next day with a 30-mile bike ride. At that point you will have lost your 15 to 20 pounds, and if you adjust your diet, and keep riding your mountain bike, you won’t have to worry about putting those pounds back on in body fat.

Mountain Bike Drop In Strategy Using the New Bikedrome Concept

Mountain Bike Drop InHave you ever gone to a skate park and noticed that the skateboard riders get to drop-in to the various ramps and jumps which have been designed into the skate park? These drop-ins allow the rider to gain speed and inertia to do all of their tricks. Often, there are BMX riders who also like to go to the skate parks and use the drop-ins for their own tricks. Perhaps you’ve seen the X-Games sponsored by Red Bull, and watched the BMX riders compete for who can do the best tricks. Many of them risk life and limb for the notoriety and for prize dollars.

If you go onto YouTube you will see there are mountain bike competitions for downhill, and for rather exotic trails, often modified with jumps and other features. It seems to me that having a drop-in strategy to allow these mountain bikes to get up to speed makes a lot of sense. It also means that smaller hills can serve the same purpose as larger mountains because the entry speed would be greatly increased. Now then, what I have in mind is

Mountain Bike Riding On The Beach

Mountain Bike Riding On The BeachThe other day, I was talking to an individual about how wonderful graphene coatings and carbon nanotubes will be in the future. In fact, we did a little brainstorming, and believe that carbon nanotubes will be great for transportation. Cars will be lighter, therefore more efficient, and therefore they will get better fuel mileage. Likewise bicycles will be quite a bit lighter and will go quite fast exerting very little energy when you’re peddling. The tires of cars may never go flat again, nor will your bike tires. And speaking of bike tires I came up with an interesting concept.

We should be able to make bike tires which are somewhat aerodynamically streamlined, extremely lightweight, and somewhat buoyant. This means you could take your mountain bike modify the forks, and have giant tires which were very light weight to allow you to drive over water, that’s right take your mountain bike out into the surf for a new type of sport. You can also ride across the beach and sand without sinking, think how much fun you would have doing cool tricks? Yes, we

What to Expect From 10 Day Biking Trips

10 Day Biking TripsTraveling around the world is almost everyone’s dream. A common itinerary includes securing accommodations and visiting well-known places in the area. If it is a beach, participating in aquatic activities is a must. Other activities such as rock climbing, hiking, and rappelling may be alternatives. A big part of the stay involves a lot of picture taking. Doing these things on every place you visit, however, can be a tad too repetitive.

Say you are visiting New Zealand this year. It’s the best place to sightsee with all the natural wonders everywhere you look. Touring the region by car may not give you the best experience. You have to experience the wonders as close to nature as possible. A new and exciting way to enjoy your travels is by participating in bike tours.

Along with several other cyclers, you will traverse plains and roads free from traffic. Experience the natural heat and cooling winds brought to you by biking. Pass through different types of terrain and enjoy the scenic views up close. If you want a different way to explore new lands, this is your